Aurora’s Dad, Jeremy, shares his bagpipes!

A huge thank you to Aurora’s whānau for arranging to share a family interest and talent! Dad Jeremy and big sister Lillie came along after lunch today to perform for us. Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Little Star, Moana and Frozen were familiar tunes but sounded quite unique coming out of bag pipes!

After playing for us, Jeremy explained the different parts of his Scottish pipes: the drones, chanter, mouthpiece and the bag for the air. The Scottish pipes Jeremy played were the loudest kind. While this set is fairly new, Jeremy recently passed on some that were from the late 1800’s! Jeremy shared that pipes have come from many different European countries buy also from Asia as well.

After answering some questions and comments Jeremy invited the tamariki to come up and explore the pipes. The carvings on the nickel, tassels, braiding, velvet and the different shapes and lengths were fascinating. While tamariki commented on the loud volume, everyone was transfixed watching and listening never the less!

Thanks to the Burton whānau for sharing your musical side with us! We are so fortunate to have such varied and wide interests represented within our school community.

An open invitation stands to all of you and yours; we welcome you to share your passions, interests, hobbies, work and adventure stories with us- ANYTIME!

By Kirsa Rhone

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