Te Omio Montessori Tiriti Hui / The Stoke Montessori Treaty Celebration

Kia ora Whānau,

Yesterday was a very special day at Stoke Montessori, as we officially signed our Tiriti / Treaty.

Our Tiriti / Treaty is an agreement that all members of our Stoke Montessori community have agreed on. Our agreement includes respectful actions so that we can all enjoy ourselves and have fun whilst learning and developing new skills, working and playing with our hoa / friends.

The Treaty

Our tamariki practiced their mihimihi / introducing themselves and waiata / songs in preparation for this event.

Here is what our tamariki / children decided would help us all have fun…

  • Using a quiet voice.
  • Keeping our hands and feet in our own bubble
  • Using walking feet in the classroom and on the deck.
  • Always listening to the words of our friends
  • Sharing
  • Using kind friendly words.
  • Asking for a cuddle

Our celebrations included a starting karakia/blessing, te waiata / the song – Tūtira Mai, saying our mihimihi and placing our signature / thumb prints on the tapa cloth. We concluded our celebration with Kaylene sharing about her experience of the day observing us, singing te waiata / the song – Te Aroha and then karakia kai before sharing kai / lunch.

This has been a great learning experience of what a treaty is and learning the protocol of a celebration according to the traditions of Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition, since the tamariki / children have decided on what goes on the tiriti, they have taken ownership of it.

The tamariki / children also learnt the protocol of cutting harakiki / flax (which involve karakia/blessing to the flax bush before cutting it from the outside) so that we could prepare our Tiriti / Treaty wall.

Girl with Flax


by Suzette D’Rosairo

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