Stoke Montessori Welcome Picnic

Thank you to all the whānau that attended and supported our welcome picnic this year. At the beginning of each year we have a welcome picnic to help create and build our community and to make connections with new and existing whānau.

Child in sack

This year we were blessed with a gorgeous day for us to walk from Stoke Montessori to Isel Park. We got to familiarize ourselves with our local community and to korero/speak about our own connections with places of importance to us as we walked past the shopping centre and surrounding area.

Once at Isel Park we were all hungry and sat together to enjoy our kai. Then the games began. We had egg and spoon races, sack races and three-legged races. There was lots of giggling and fun while participating in the races. All the tamarki spoke about how much fun they had at the picnic and looked like all the whānau that joined us were having a great time too

By Gina Green

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