Fathers’ Day at Montessori

At any event at Montessori we try to involve the children as much as possible.

Firstly, it is essential our tamariki, however young, have an idea of what the event is all about… The whats and whys of remembering, celebrating, acknowledging what we as a community can do to celebrate.

We share such information with children in a number of ways for example, through whole class group times, small group chit chat and one on one discussions with children.

In preparation for Fathers’ Day, the children from both classes set about in the spirit of joyful work to make cards for their dads which was also a lovely opportunity to practice writing too.

Because children are introduced, from a young age, to Exercises of Practical life they have plenty of opportunities to practice food preparation for events like Fathers’ Day. Such preparation enabled the older children to cut the dried fruit with food scissors without any support from an adult. The younger children participated by pouring ingredients and mixing the cake batter.



On the morning of the Fathers’ Day celebration children prepared the out of doors by sweeping the leaves away as well as cutting and arranging fresh flowers and setting the tables.


We were now ready to celebrate Fathers’ Day 2016. Children presented their Dad’s with their Best Dad Ever medals and then we were off on our hikoi. Despite the daunting forecast of showers we were rewarded for taking a risk and enjoyed the exercise, fresh air while walking along the cycle track and through beautiful Miyazu Garden.


Children from both classes shared cards with their Dads upon our return……and the celebration didn’t end there….. In true Montessori style the children shared a delicious kai of Rice and Dahi and Cauliflower Curry with their Dads.

We hope you had a fantastic time today – Happy Fathers’ Day!

By Michelle Williams

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